About me

I am ‘Timayin F’unsho. I am a photographer.  I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am an explorer and adventurer at heart. I love being able to tell my story and bring you views or clips of the things my eyes can see.

I began shooting as a hobbyist in 2017 during my time at sea as a navigation officer. I figured I could do more service to the world presenting my view and curating my moments and memories.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize I’d subconsciously taken so many photos of moments and memories and told my stories in photos. And I figured I’d do it as a full time thing. How cool is that!

I am usually an introvert, choosing more to dwell in solitude but photography and creativity have had a way of bringing me out of myself and into some spotlight. I love that I can make memories out of moments and moments last forever at the click of a button. There’s a level of satisfaction I derive from being able to remember what the atmosphere smells like at the moment of taking a photo, or what words being said or the countenance prevalent at the time I press the shutter – those things keep life evergreen.

I love taking head-shots mostly, and profile shots. I also love adventuring and taking random photos of people and places during adventures or documentaries. And of course, I curate events and programmes too.

And so, I’ve had to do lots of reading and courses to hone my desires into skills and improve on them daily with a view to delivering better service each new day.

I want to host an exhibition someday. I hope that day comes soon. I’d love to show you full size prints of the things my eyes deliver to me. I look forward to that thrill too. We can make it happen.

Wouldn’t you like to charge me with the wonderful responsibility of curating your events, moments and memories?

I would really love to work with you to do great wonders. Please call me up, or send me an email or reach me on social media.  I also look forward to your reviews and criticisms as I would be looking to get better and be better at what I do.

From here,

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